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Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for every woman.

For some the build up to becoming pregnant is as much of an importance as the wonderful surprise itself.

Once the wonder of becoming a future mother falls into the distance, there are many emotions and thought considering lifestyle changes that often occur as your body changes shape.

Gaining access to the right advice and balanced vitamins and minerals can help you now and in the future. Furthermore, it may also reduce some of the complications that any mother can develop during the antenatal period, and with the correct exercise programme, get you ready for the stages of childbirth.

A healthy diet before and during pregnancy includes all the vitamins and minerals needed for good foetal development.

Taking the right exercise can help you prepare for labour and maintain a toned pelvic floor. In accompaniment, having massage therapy can ease aches and pains and create a sense of wellness during this special time.

Meeting our specialist therapy team at Cassia Health can not only help you to find the right nutritious balance for you during this special time, but also help you eat well by managing ‘cravings’ to help you be in the best shape possible for that special day when you meet your baby for the first time.


If you are hoping to become pregnant, starting the journey includes eating a well balanced and healthy diet.

Because no one woman has the same genetical and physiological coding, seeking the guidance of a British Association Dietitian could get you in optimum health and ready for pregnancy.

When you become pregnant you are able to gain nutritional advice as soon as you are ready, however Cassia Health would suggest that graduated exercise programs start after the first trimester and on agreement with your General Practitioner or Midwife.

What We Offer You and Your Developing Baby

All our packages are tailored especially for you. Below are examples of the sort of programmes we offer and we will be able to let you know the price after we have designed your individual package.

In addition to the above offered packages, we offer the ability to further customise your bespoke package by adding any of the following services:

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    (Sports, Antenatal)

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    Personal Training

    (Online, Video, Face-to-face)

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    Bespoke Monthly Menus

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    Access to online client portal

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    A welcome box sent straight to your door!

Please contact our team to add additional services to your very own package.

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