Food is Your Fuel!


To perform at our best, our body needs to function as a well oiled machine with all the component parts working optimally. Whether you are aiming to improve your body composition, improve your 5K time at the local park run or really push to your limits as an elite athlete we can help you.

Food is your fuel, that’s what gets you prepared for exercise, gets you through the workout and optimises your recovery. Exercise stresses many of the metabolic pathways where micronutrients are required, training regularly may also increase the turnover of micronutrients in the body creating a larger need. Our Dietitian will give you tailored advise to ensure that your eating plan meets the need of your sport and your individual recovery so that you are ready to go again. This will include a full analysis of both your macro and micro nutrient intake in comparison to your individual requirements.

Sports Supplements

Sports supplements are a minefield, our Dietitian will be able to guide you through this and ensure that you are taking the optimum combination for you and wherever possible getting your nutrition through food.

Optimal Eating

Eating optimally doesn’t need to be boring, sometimes we can get stuck in monotonous eating habits sticking with what we know is safe. Our Dietitian and chef will bring your eating plan to life with vibrant and interesting recipes.

Training Plan

Having a training plan is essential, it is well established that without progressive overload (the constant challenging of a muscle) muscles will not adapt and grow and progress will be stilted. Our experienced Personal Trainers will ensure your training plan challenges you enough to meet your goals but minimises the risk of injury. Alongside this our massage therapist will be able to sooth those post training DOMS and tease out any points of tension thereby optimising your recovery and reducing the risk of injury.

What We Offer For Your Fitness Journey

All our packages are tailored especially for you. Below are examples of the sort of programmes we offer and we will be able to let you know the price after we have designed your individual package.

In addition to the above offered packages, we offer the ability to further customise your bespoke package by adding any of the following services:

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    (Sports, Antenatal)

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    Personal Training

    (Online, Video, Face-to-face)

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    Bespoke Monthly Menus

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    Access to online client portal

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    A welcome box sent straight to your door!

Please contact our team to add additional services to your very own package.

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