The Journey to the New You!


Perimenopause moving to Menopause is an inevitable change that all women journey as the body ceases the fertility cycle. For some it brings the joys of freedom from the symptoms of the monthly cycle symptoms and social planning, but for others it brings a tsunami of physical symptoms and for a few, mood swings and anguish.

Common symptoms are weight gain around the breasts, hips, and waistline, hot flash flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbance, changes in hair growth, anxiety, mood changes, depression and irritability.

This is the perfect time for women to assess and manage their ‘physiological change’ in Oestrogen and Progesterone levels using controlled and effective Dietary and a new approach to routine exercise and core strengthening. Small changes can make a big impact on both mental and physical wellness.

What We Know

There are many differing thoughts regarding diet and menopausal support; Some of us require more Vitamin B12 or D, some require Omega 3 or additional fibre in our diet, but we are all unique in our genetical and physical creation therefore no one diet suits all.

Cassia Health suggests that the best route to understanding You is allowing a scientific therapist to assess and outcome exactly what is required to make you feel back to you again. A change of diet, moderation and timeliness of food intake can make a large impact onto our body function.

A British Association Dietitian is uniquely qualified to translate scientific information about nutrition and food into practical dietary advice. As well as providing impartial advice about nutrition and health, dietitians also advise about food related problems, treat disease, and enhance wellness.

But diet is only part of the journey to combat the symptoms of Menopause.

What We Offer

Cassia Health can offer you a supported team approach as your body changes.

We know that prescribed diets can be tedious and gives us all the ability to simply ‘fall off the wagon’. To bring you excitement with food and ability to create meals not just for you but for your family, reducing the isolation of diet, we offer a Menu Creator qualified to create weekly menus from the Dietetic prescription  bringing the nutritional change into a plateful of goodness for all of the family.

Partnership with a local organic farm food producer we can deliver boxes of foodstuffs to your doorstep allowing you and your family health in a box.


Our Personal Training Instructors will craft an exercise program which is achievable and enjoyable, targeting those body areas founded on the initial dietetic assessment, continuing to piece together the wellness prescription.

The programs are designed to challenge the influences of menopausal change such as Bone density loss, muscle loss and weight gain through hormonal imbalance. It will assist in the fight against Osteoporosis often associated with a drop in hormone level, sculpt the waistline and add core strength fighting muscle weakness. With a change in Adrenalin levels, you will feel well.

Our programs can be delivered face to face or virtually at your home, or you could join one of our classes.


To help you reward yourself and give you a touch or destress and soothing the persona we offer qualified massage therapists who have teamed up with Neal’s Yards products to bring you either a soothing or invigorating massage making you feel ‘on-top of your world again!’

Help ease the stress and occasional anxiety of change Cassia Health have teamed up with a reputable and qualified Counsellor who will work alongside your GP or specialist to ensure you have as much support as needed.

What We Offer You

All our packages are tailored especially for you. Below are examples of the sort of programmes we offer and we will be able to let you know the price after we have designed your individual package.

In addition to the above offered packages, we offer the ability to further customise your bespoke package by adding any of the following services:

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    (Sports, Antenatal)

  • 0001-CH-Final-Icon-Light-Green

    Personal Training

    (Online, Video, Face-to-face)

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    Bespoke Monthly Menus

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    Access to online client portal

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    A welcome box sent straight to your door!

Please contact our team to add additional services to your very own package.

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