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Weight and body image can affect us all during our lifetime. For some of us we try lose a few pounds for a sun- drenched beach holiday or social event. For others it can change a health profile allowing better mobility, reduction in medical conditions, improved cardiovascular and respiratory fitness plus improved mental wellbeing.

There are many ‘one size’ fits all platforms discussing food and eating habits, but weight management is more than ‘what we eat’, it is about ‘what we do and how we do it’.

Today’s social media can be conflicting and web-based platforms provide so many different diets it's difficult to understand what is best for each individual and how to start.

We do not believe in ‘quick start’ or hunger driven platforms. We want sustainable, enjoyable, energising and sociably interactive menus that are prescribed by a qualified British Association Dietitian and supported by Personal Training programs.


We offer packages of expertise following a bespoke prescription of wellness crafted by our Dietetic specialist therapist based on your individual assessment of your current health state.

Once we have knowledge of your foods, cravings, eating habits, exercise program and a workable prescriptive e-solution, we then ask our chef Cara to create a menu of sumptuousness using organic farm produce  that makes the diet, healthy, organic and  sociably enabling to include your family and friends to join you. In doing so, we take away the feeling of isolation at the meal table.

Your bespoke prescription is then introduced to the personal training team, who take the baton and work with you to bring you your exercise prescriptive program to life enabling you to become core strong, flexible, toned and fit, whilst changing you and creating future wellness as the weight changes.

We all have busy lifestyles and to ease the pressures of not missing the training due to circumstances we can offer a virtual platform training, online access portal classes or face to face workouts later in the evening or early morning.

To compete the journey and give you a gift for the goals you achieve, some packages include a luxurious or toning massage from our massage therapy team. We use Neals Yard products following the organic wellness from the inside-out and clients can purchase further products from us for themselves and their families

What We Offer You For Your Weight Loss Journey

All our packages are tailored especially for you. Below are examples of the sort of programmes we offer and we will be able to let you know the price after we have designed your individual package.

In addition to the above offered packages, we offer the ability to further customise your bespoke package by adding any of the following services:

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    (Sports, Antenatal)

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    Personal Training

    (Online, Video, Face-to-face)

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    Bespoke Monthly Menus

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    Access to online client portal

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    A welcome box sent straight to your door!

Please contact our team to add additional services to your very own package.

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