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Creating and Maintaining a Lifestyle Change


It is common knowledge that we value our health but persistently undermine it by behaving in ways which undermine bodily function often causing an outcome of ailments or chronic medical conditions. A change in diet and lifestyle is not solely about weight loss programs, it can help with many ongoing ailments.

Good health does not just reflect weight; more often it reflects the stable balance of chemistry which, if out of synchronicity can manifest itself in ailments and diversely affect body function.

Some Physical conditions such as Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular, some cancers and dermatology can be eased with a scientific evaluation of dietary intake.

Trauma, surgery, excessive sport training, changes in occupation with a more desk bound occupation and changes in social habits can cause a change in gut absorption and lend to poor health.

Mental health disorders can be assisted with a balanced diet by improving self-esteem.

Creating and maintaining a Lifestyle change is hard to do by yourself!

Most of us require encouragement, positive goals in dietary and exercise matters, and for some counselling to make those positive changes. We often realise that we need change but are unsure of what type of support is best for our health.


What We Offer

All our packages are tailored especially for you. Below are examples of the sort of programmes we offer and we will be able to let you know the price after we have designed your individual package.

In addition to the above offered packages, we offer the ability to further customise your bespoke package by adding any of the following services:

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    (Sports, Antenatal)

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    Personal Training

    (Online, Video, Face-to-face)

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    Bespoke Monthly Menus

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    Access to online client portal

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    A welcome box sent straight to your door!

Please contact our team to add additional services to your very own package.

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